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Hot Melt Systems

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Today, many of the prestigious buildings around the UK have incorporated a hot melt system. Most current and future hospital projects benefit from the system's excellent life expectancy, extreme high performance and competitive installation costs. Leading architectural practices, clients, main contractors and roofing contractors specify and use hot melt on a daily basis, due mainly to its trouble-free record when compared to other waterproofing options.

Hot Melt offers numerous performance benefits, including:

Best for the Environment:

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Hot Melt offers numerous performance benefits, including:

Extreme tough and flexible, and resistant to impact damage, Seamless application on main area and detail work. Self-sealing capability under load, Excellent low temperature flexibility to - 25c. High bond strength to substrate with high tensile strength. Resistant to rain, snow and frost immediately after application. Consistent polymer dispersing throughout the Hot Melt compound for ultimate reliability and performance

Best for the Environment:

Outstanding eco-profile: no solvents or volatiles which could flash off into the atmosphere during the melting process, or during application. The best carbon footprint of any flat roofing solution. Minimal packaging, reduces site waste and disposal costs